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Often overlooked, but still an essential component in engineering today. Our inventory includes all of the standard variations in flat, spring and toothed washers in both metric and imperial sizes.
In addition we can supply many of the application specific washers such as square plate, taper, schnorr, nord-lock and star lock fixing washers.

- Flat Metric (Din125A)(BS4320 Form B & C)
Imperial sizes (BS3410) Tables 1,2,3 & 4

- Spring Metric (Din7980) Sq.Sect. (Din 127B)rectangular section
Imperial sizes Type A (sq.) & Type B (Rect.)

- Shakeproof Metric and Imperial sizes
(Din 6797 J) Int. tooth, (Din 6797 A) Ext. tooth
(Din 6798 J) overlap int. tooth, (Din 6798 A) Overlap ext. tooth

If you have a stainless steel washer requirement, we carry metric flat, spring and toothed washers in A2 and A4.