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Our standard carbon steel nut range, as listed below, is available self colour or electro plated (except nylon insert nuts which are Zinc plated as standard)

- Hex. Full Metric (Din 934) grades 8 & 10
UNF/UNC (BS1768) Grade 1, BSW/BSF (BS1083) BA (BS57) Grade A
- Hex. Lock Metric (Din 439B) Grade 4
UNF/UNC (BS1768) Grade 1, BSW/BSF (BS1083) BA (BS57) Grade A

- Self lock Nylon Insert Metric (Din 982 ) Grade 8, (Din 985) Grade 6
UNF/UNC (BS1768) Grade 1, BSW/BSF (BS1083) BA (BS57) Grade A

- Dome nut Metric (Din 1587)
- Wing nuts Metric, UNF/UNC, BSW/BSF, BA (ANSI B18.17 Standard Pattern)
- Castle Metric (Din935-1), UNF/UNC (BS1768), BSW/BSF (BS1083)

All of the metric ranges shown above are stocked in stainless steel, grades A2 & A4. For non metric stainless steel nutes, and specials, please contact our sales department for availability and prices